Musings on World Travels : Guatemala and Ireland

June 13th, 2016

Back from travels to western Guatemala (mission trip) and Ireland (purely for recreation and exploration). I would highly recommend these destinations. Both locales are known for their natural beauty, for one thing. And mysteries from the past were around every corner.
In Guatemala, we spent name in an area where the local population was of Mayan descent. One burning question: Why was the sacred book of the Mayans stolen? I’m told the original resides in Dresden. The code of the hieroglyphic text has yet to be cracked. I’m thinking, if they can crack the Rosetta stone, why not this text? Another mystery, why are the local Guatemalan farmers using only hand tools? The land there is so fertile! I think most of the work is done by tenant farmers who have very few financial assets. The mission we assisted while there helps these farmers and their children.
I was impressed by Ireland’s long history. There are tombs predating the Egyptian pyramids (one example at NewGrange). Castles all over the place. And those bog bodies on display at the Archaeology Museum in Dublin? I’ve got to work those into a future mystery.
There are some myths about Ireland that I can verify. Yes, there are no snakes. Yes, the Guinness tastes better there. It’s smoother and creamier. Still not sure about the leprechauns, but I can say that Ireland has charm in abundance. Go if you can!

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