Murder in May

Maiden Murders

Available on and Wings ePress. Five murders along the same stretch of highway – four in the last few days, one from a thousand years ago. Are all connected to the same killer? A homicide detective and his wife become involved with the hunt for an interstate serial murderer.

Maiden Murders

Maiden Murders

A Murder in May

Available on, and Wings ePress. When she learns about the murder of her childhood best friend, a nun joins forces with a detective to find the killer. Their teamwork leads to progress on the case, but the killer proves elusive. Detective Jed McCracken sets a trap, and Sister Lucie becomes the bait. Will Sister Lucie outwit the murderer…or become the next victim?

Titania’s Suitor

The Web is the perfect place for evil to hide…

Available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle

Charlotte Stone never dreamed that her graduate student status would make her the target of a devious psychopath. But she is forced to admit her position of danger when vindictive messages appear in her email Inbox. The sender has obvious research expertise and the possible suspects include her estranged husband as well as several colleagues and acquaintances. Charlotte’s best friend, Veronica, has helped her through the crisis of her husband moving out, but she’s out of her league when it comes to this level of threat. Charlotte begins to feel danger could be lurking anywhere. Unsure of who is friend and who is foe, she realizes a broken marriage is not her biggest problem. Charlotte may be fighting for her life.

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