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Japan: The importance of tea
Posted August 10th, 2020

Japan borrowed many critical aspects of its civilization from the Chinese, including the drinking of tea,. Tea is not only a beverage in Japan, it is a symbol of the culture. First adapted by the ruling classes and those in religious life, the Japanese word for tea, O-cha, indicates its status. (The O is an Read the Rest…

Cherry Blossom Temple: Kyoto
Posted June 17th, 2020

The majority of the action featured in Cherry Blossom Temple takes place in Kyoto, a city of great beauty and rich history. If you ever go to Japan, you must spend some time in this bustling metropolis, where the historic and contemporary coexist. Fortunately, Kyoto, the former capitol of Japan, was spared from excessive damage Read the Rest…

Cherry Blossom Temple: Getting There
Posted June 6th, 2020

Hello, everyone. It has been a while since I’ve contributed to this blog. I’ve been on a personal writing journey that has gone in different directions, led me down various paths, but ultimately  got me to this point. I’ve finished a project that started out as a series of small writing assignments and wove it Read the Rest…

Puerto Rico Journal
Posted June 12th, 2019

May 16, Water shortages, flexible assignments, frozen treats Team One returned to “our” house for the fourth day. The Puerto Rican workers were already on the job. Three of us started in painting walls and ceilings while John left with Gabi to help an older couple with electrical needs across the river and high up Read the Rest…

Puerto Rico Journal
Posted June 12th, 2019

May 15 Day 5 Painting and Priming First, I’ll backtrack and talk a little bit about our drive home the previous evening. The distance between Team One’s worksite and our residence, Camp Morton, was 7.1 miles. We had covered almost all of that distance when we were met with road construction and told to turn Read the Rest…

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