Cherry Blossom Temple

Available on Amazon. Marissa Shively’s return to Japan is bittersweet. She’s honoring her husband’s dying wish by visiting the site of their Kyoto honeymoon fifteen years ago. Leaving Brent’s wedding ring in a pool within a specific temple’s grounds during cherry blossom season is her mission. Marissa is unsure of the official temple name, but she’s confident her heart will lead her to the spot. However, she finds the number of temples in Kyoto daunting and the cherry blossoms aren’t blooming on cue. Three new friends assist her on her quest; a handsome Japanese businessman, an empathetic widow, and a young boy who has experienced cancer. Through them, Marissa experiences a culture that honors the past while embracing the future. The key, the businessman tells her, is to focus on the present. Marissa’s experiences affirm that honoring her past doesn’t stop her future from unfolding.

Maiden Murders

Available on Amazon. Five murders along the same stretch of highway – four in the last few days, one from a thousand years ago. Are all connected to the same killer? A homicide detective and his wife become involved with the hunt for an interstate serial murderer. A prequel to A Murder in May.

A Murder in May

Available on Amazon. When she learns about the murder of her childhood best friend, a nun joins forces with a detective to find the killer. Their teamwork leads to progress on the case, but the killer proves elusive. Detective Jed McCracken sets a trap, and Sister Lucie becomes the bait. Will Sister Lucie outwit the murderer…or become the next victim?