Hollywood, Writing and Agents

April 11th, 2016
Members of Speed City SinC meet with author Susan Furlong.

Members of Speed City SinC meet with author Susan Furlong.

After attending Adapting to Hollywood, a three day conference sponsored by Sisters in Crime, my mind is spinning with ideas about how to promote my work, both finished products and works-in-progress.
One take home message I heard from many was “find an agent”. The possibilities and advice are mind boggling about the process of finding the right person to promote your work. The pull between the business side of writing and the craft of writing is sometimes a struggle.
All writers know that devoting, time to the craft is crucial. We can’t to market a sloppy product. Polishing, revising, and more polishing are prerequisites. But, then it is time to get the product “out there”, staring to query while steeling oneself for the rejections that are sure to follow. Hopefully, there will be a few “bites” if the writer has done her  homework. The Adapting to Hollywood conference let attendees know that there are plenty of producers that need good stories!

Susan Furlong shared her personal journey of finding an agent and getting her books published at a recent workshop held at the River Crossing Barnes and Noble in Indianapolis. In addition, Susan gave our Speed City chapter members insight on character and plot development and. Thanks, Susan! Sharing your journey to publication was beneficial for our chapter members.

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