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Nominated – and my reading list expands. . .
Posted February 15th, 2012

I had the pleasure to attend Love is Murder in Chicago for the second time –¬† my first attendance as an author. I had the opportunity to appear on multiple panels, and also was nominated for the “Lovey Award” for Best First Novel for Seeker of Truth. Although I didn’t win, I was extremely surprised Read the Rest…

Countdown to Release: Meet Sister Lucie
Posted January 5th, 2011

Until a few years ago, Sister Lucie was happily married to Mark Forbes, a talented police detective. Mark happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was killed by a petty criminal. Even though Mark has been dead for over two years, Sister Lucie frequently feels his comforting presence with her. Read the Rest…

Countdown to Release: Meet Jed McCracken
Posted December 29th, 2010

Jed McCracken has been a detective on the Indianapolis Police Force for over five years. He’s been without a steady partner since Mark Forbes died a couple of years ago. When he finds out that a high-profile murder victim was also Mark’s wife’s best friend in grade school, assignment¬† to the case becomes his top Read the Rest…

Countdown to Release: Meet Nyla
Posted December 18th, 2010

As a prelude to Seeker of Truth’s release, the mystery’s main characters are introduced.

Viewing the Cover Art
Posted October 5th, 2010

I was following through with my weekend routine of catching up on personal email on a Sunday afternoon. I had a message from some someone whose name I did not recognize, with an attachment. A quick assessment revealed the message contained the cover art for Seeker of Truth. The author information sheet that I’d completed Read the Rest…

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