Searching for Facts = Fun

August 30th, 2018

Some of the things I love about writing are the tidbits of knowledge that I pick up along the way. Hopefully, these will be things that my readers are interested in, too. They will learn a little about the location and, the history behind the story as they read an entertaining read.
For example, in Maiden Murders, my readers will learn about a Native American culture that disappeared before 1100 AD, practiced human sacrifice, and had a large metropolitan area in the Midwest. This society left mysterious remnants (and a lot of bones) behind.
In my current project, I’m learning about the number of temples in Kyoto, Japan, the nature of cherry blossoms and their meaning to the Japanese, and how male-female relationships are different in that Asian culture.
The pursuit of this information is always fascinating to me and I could easily get lost in my trails as the “internet detective”. I’ll be writing more about my discoveries, so stay tuned!

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