Cafe du Monde

September 27th, 2016
cafe-du-mondeCafe du Monde is undoubtedly one of the world’s most iconic coffee shops. Yes, it’s a coffee and doughnut place – but both the coffee and doughnuts (beignets, really) are out of this world! Well worth a hike in the steamy morning New Orleans humidity.
The coffee has a little chicory ground up with the beans. Personally, I think the chicory gives the brew character. The touch of bitterness gives the coffee an added zing. And the beignets dusted with powdered sugar are out of this world! Any trip to New Orleans requires a visit to the Cafe du Monde.
The picture below was taken from a streetcar, or trolley stop in the garden district of New Orleans. I love the hazy full moon in the sky. We walked to a wonderful restaurant called the Uppliner; Another satisfying culinary experience in New Orleans. The charming owner displays the work of  local artists on the restaurant walls, and she’s happy to tell you the stories behind each work of art. She also provided us with a list of independent bookstores in the Big Easy. Dining at the Uppliner at dusk was a magical experience.nola-full-moon

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