Booksellers Solve Mysteries Every Day!

April 7th, 2012

I’ve just ordered my tee shirt!

I’m excited to be part of this international effort to sing the praises of booksellers from coast to coast on April 21, 2012. Sisters in Crime is sponsoring the event – and they deserve credit for a strategy that is both useful and novel (no pun intended).

Local authors (in this case – me) will be teaming up with local booksellers (in this case – Bookmamas in the Irvington neighborhood on the East side of Indianapolis) to help out and say “thanks” to those who work hard to help appreciative readers find stimulating¬† books. Participating authors will be helping out in the Saturday business of the store – doing whatever the owners or managers ask. If we get the chance to promote our books, so much the better, but promotion is not the primary purpose of the event.

I should mention the “Sister” event, Librarians Solve Mysteries Every Day, will be taking place on April 21, too.

So – come on out – support your local book store and meet a local author on April 21st! See you at Bookmamas!

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