Nominated – and my reading list expands. . .

February 15th, 2012

I had the pleasure to attend Love is Murder in Chicago for the second time –  my first attendance as an author. I had the opportunity to appear on multiple panels, and also was nominated for the “Lovey Award” for Best First Novel for Seeker of Truth. Although I didn’t win, I was extremely surprised – and pleased – to be nominated. I have added the first novel of the winner – Scott Doornbosch’s Basic Black – to my reading list.
As always, I found it inspiring to be in the company of other writers. Speakers with a long list of publications emphasized the perseverence that a successful writing career requires. Anyone who writes knows this to be true, but it helps to hear it again and again – especially from those who have been successful.
I’m currently reading Gasa-Gasa Girl by Naomi Hirahara. I’m enjoying the mystery and the plot twists but I’m also enjoying the inside view of Japanese- American culture that the story provides. The protagonist, Mas Arai, is a complex human being with an interesting history (the reader learns that he is a survivor of the atomic bomb attacks on Japan in World War II). When Mas finds a murder victim in a small, decorative pond, the discovery brings back images from his distant past. The author’s writing style is engaging – and I’m determined to unravel the mystery along with Mas.

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