Love is Murder

February 8th, 2011

I’ve recently returned from the Love is Murder convention in Chicago. A great event, well worth the snowy journey. I continue to be convinced that mystery writers are some of the world’s nicest and most supportive people. I received valuable advice and listened to interesting and spirited debates about the future of traditional publishing versus e-publishing. I also learned some of the tricks that cyber sleuths have in their arsenal and writing methods used by various authors in their love scenes. Several new authors discussed their personal journeys toward publication. All interesting¬† and inspiring stuff!
I’ve also watched the journey of Seeker of Truth as its availability in various formats appeared gradually in the last four weeks, beginning with four e-formats available through Eternal Press. At the end of January, the print version appeared on Amazon. And, when I checked online a few days ago, there was only 1 print copy left on Amazon’s “shelves”. (Order soon! their page urges). I’m not sure how many copies Amazon stocks at a time, but I do feel encouraged.

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