Countdown to Release: Meet Nyla

December 18th, 2010

Nyla is traumatized after finding the body of Charlene Stowes. An athletic young woman, she’s a recent college graduate and the night manager of the Coventry Hotel in downtown Indianapolis. Nyla would have run the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon, but she had to work the night prior to the race. She knew from experience that trying to run 13.1 miles after a sleepless night wouldn’t work.
Two days after The Mini, Nyla finds the lifeless body of one of the amateur runners in a second-floor room at the Coventry. At first, she is too unnerved to even talk about it. Fortunately, the gentle style of Detective McCracken’s female sidekick succeeds in unleashing Nyla’s account. Once she’s told her story, Nyla volunteers to help with the investigation.


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