Viewing the Cover Art

October 5th, 2010

I was following through with my weekend routine of catching up on personal email on a Sunday afternoon. I had a message from some someone whose name I did not recognize, with an attachment. A quick assessment revealed the message contained the cover art for Seeker of Truth.
The author information sheet that I’d completed a few months earlier asked for information about the characters, the relationships among them, and the basics of Seeker‘s story line. The information went to the artist to help with the design of the cover. I had a vague image in my own mind, along the order of a movie poster – a composite of the main characters hinting at the major plot elements.
What I saw was far different. I was amazed. In a single image, the cover artist had captured so much of the story.
My husband was out of the house at the time I saw the design. I wanted to show it to another person badly, desperate for verification that the image was real. In the meantime, I kept the cover art on my computer screen. I kept returning to stare at it as I went about my routine. I sent an email to the artist, telling her how impressed I was. She was right, the image established the genre and drew the reader into the story.
When my husband arrived home, I showed him the cover. He was equally impressed. I still felt like I had to keep pinching myself for days afterward. The cover was one more piece of evidence verifying that my dream was moving toward reality.

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