Facing the Camera

November 13th, 2009

Recently, I went to a downtown studio for a photo shoot. I figured that it was time that I begin promoting myself as an author. Plus, I thought the session would be fun. Historically, having my picture taken has been a painful experience. I don’t think I’m the most photogenic person, and it is hard for me to approach the camera with any amount of confidence.
My first challenge was finding the studio itself. Located in a large old factory, I had some minor difficulties in locating it. However, my wanderings were well worth it. The explorations took me past some old Stutz Bearcats, among other amazing vehicles.
Once at the studio, a make-up artist went to work. I think she had her work cut out for her, but she was kind, diplomatic, and (most importantly) skilled. I got dressed in one of my “costumes” and it was time to face the camera.
The photographing-taking phase was fun and difficult at the same time, in large part due to my conflict of wanting pictures taken and my shyness in being the center of attention. To say nothing of my fear of the images themselves. Let’s face it, getting older is humbling.
Of course, some of the images were great and some not-so-great. But I found multiple images that I liked. You’ll see some of them on this blog soon.

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