Whatever Happened to Cherry Ames?

September 27th, 2009

I don’t know about you, but I was disappointed in Veronica.

When I saw the first commercials for the new primetime show “Mercy” early in the summer, I thought “All right! Finally, a strong nurse character. A good role model.” The next commercials I viewed with a “Huh?” And as time went on, there were a few that brought about an “Oh, no!”

Still when opening night arrived, I had the date/time marked on my mental calendar and made a point to view the first episode. Supreme disappointment. Veronica did seem to have some courage and a few advocacy skills. But she also lacked good judgment and common sense. Ditto for her nurse coworkers.  I realize the show exists for entertainment, but still…

Whatever happened to Cherry Ames? I don’t know about you, but I cut my reading teeth on her series. She was pretty, smart, and wanted to be a good nurse. She had stars in her eyes for the doctors, but still kept her wits about her.

I know that Cherry did some crazy things. My memory may be faulty, but as Cruise Nurse, I think she sailed to a landlocked country (Bolivia?) from New York – and back – within a week. She must have had more than her share of seasick patients.

But, I can forgive this type of quirk. Cherry was always ready for a new challenge, and wanted the best for her patients. She also knew how to be a true friend to her fellow nurses, and others she encountered.

Cherry Ames, where are you now?

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